The Defining Moment for Gun Runner at The Del Mar Racing Track in 2017


November is perhaps the most critical month in the American racing calendar because
the horseracing world gets a new champion on the two days of the first week of the
month. Those who are already aware of the Breeders Cup 2017 results would know the
name of the champion Thoroughbred that claimed the top spot in the Breeders' Cup
Classic. A four-year- old colt by the name Gun Runner took just 2 minutes and 1.29
seconds to cover the one and quarter-mile stretch to win the title and the crown of the
champion that people could talk about in the coming years. The emergence of the new
King beating its rival Arrogant in the defining horse race at the dead end of the season
gives the racing enthusiasts a new hero who could burn the tracks for some more years.

The defining horse race

Arrogant, the champion of the previous year, was even the favorite for 2017, but Gun
Runner was destined to turn the tables on the reigning champion. Moreover, tables did
turn most convincingly with a clear and consistent lead of 2 1 / 4 lengths over its nearest
rival in the race that has earned the reputation of creating champions that rule the
horseracing world. That ‘old order changeth to give place to new’ proved right once
again as the Arrogant finished a poor fifth behind War Story.


It was waiting to happen

The success of Gun Runner may be surprising to many, but you should know that it was
just waiting to happen. That the victory at the leading and most prestigious racing event
is not a fluke becomes evident if you look at the previous string of success of Gun
Runner. The chestnut colt, barely into in its fourth year, trained by Steve Asmussen, who
has earned a place in the Hall of Fame and was ridden by FlorentGeroux, has won five of
the six races that it participated in before winning the title in the Breeders Cup this year.
The victory of Gun Runner was sweet revenge on Arrogant to whom it had narrowly lost
the crown in March 2017 in the Dubai World Cup.

The 34 th edition

This year was the 34 th year of the Breeders Cup World Championship that made its
maiden appearance in 1984 and since then been moving from one racetrack to another
across North America. The grand two-day event comprises of thirteen races over the first
weekend of November of which nine races including the Classic taking place on the last
day. This year’s event is particularly memorable for the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club that
hosted the blue-chip event for the first time. Top international Thoroughbreds across
Europe and America take part in the 1 1 / 4 mile dirt track racing every year that brings
down the curtain on the racing season.
37,692 horseracing fans witnessed the crowing of Gun Runner, the new champion on a
sunny and windy November day at the picturesque Del Mar in Southern California.

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