See The Football Top Scorers In 2017 (Who Do You Think Has The Best 2017?) 


Indisputably, We all can attest that 2017 is one in a kind in the football worldnflict and wondrous goals and skills.

As our norms to round off the year 2017, Naijaloaded brought to you the   Top 5 Scorers in the football world in 2017 calendar year.

The list goes thus:-

Lionel Messi — 54 goals

Merciless Messi! It didn’t struck me with surprise seeing this Chap on the top spot. Who do you expect to be here if not for him before.

Well Ronaldo is a better competitor, but the Portugese man was on a low during the last quarter of the year.

Messi (Barcelona and Argentina) has a total of 54 goalsfrom 63 matches (0.84 gpg)

 Hary Kane – 53 Goals 

Hurricane! Premier league latest beast! This is a pure machine Indeed.. The only premier league player contending for this achievment. Harry Kane has 11 hat-tricks in 2017. Kane has the highest conversion rate in 2017.

Harry Kane (Tottenham and England) 53 goals from 49 matches (1.04 gpg). Remaining fixtures: 26 December v Southampton (h).

Cristiano Ronaldo – 53 Goals 

C. Baba! Best player in the world in year 2017. We expected the boss to be on the number 1 spot actually, but alot of catalyst reaction runs down during this late 2017.

But still on still, The Main man goals number ain’t so little and his conversion rate too is dope!

C. Ronaldo (Real Madrid and Portugal) 53 goals from 59 matches (0.9 gpg).

Robert Lewandowski – 53 Goals 

Lewy, The German Machine! What a superb it is for this Lad. Lewandoski has an amazing 2017, with his number of goal getting to this spot. His best so far.

Lwandoski (Bayern Munich and Poland) 53 goals in 55 matches (0.96 goals per game)

Edinson Cavani – 53 Goals 

Paris emperor! Cavani has always been giving us nothing but a classic football. With his additional plug ins into the team (Neymar & Mbappe) they double handedly sky rocket the champ scoring streak to this point.

Edinson Cavani (Paris Saint-Germain and Uruguay) 53 goals from 57 matches (0.93 gpg).

Who Do You Think Has The Best 2017?

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