Since the advent of the sovereign state Nigeria, religious practices have always been held at high
esteem by the forefathers who obviously are likened to the progenitors of the Nigerian race. The
ancestors are forces to reckon with as well as the custodians of these gods. Members of a society
align with these gods as well as the priests. This invariably gives rise to covens, deities and cult
Nigeria as multi-cultural nation has since her emergence been bewildered with traditional rituals
which have been rooted in their cultural beliefs, each of these practice has its toll on several
families. According to some anonymous source, families trapped in this practice remains
disintegrated, some never survived the havoc wrecked by these practices.
Our correspondent carried out a survey across some states in Nigeria, interviewing some of the
victims with gory circumstances; she reports some barbaric acts of primitiveness, with her tentacle
spread across the southern region of the country as well as some western regions.
‘It started as a rumour, then gained momentum, it was indeed a battle between the family and I
after the demise of my husband who was in a secret society unknown to anyone, leaders of this
cult group told me that my son of age 17 must assume the stool of his late father, they threatened
me and made life unbearable for me’ The widow of the late Ehidoimen lamented from Benin, in Edo
Brutal acts are characteristics of these rituals, as described by a victim ‘I was exposed to cold at the
cemetery under close surveillance’. He further explains the countless incisions on his forehead and
private parts.
Female genital mutilation of her daughters was another lamentation of a title bearer who desires to
remain anonymous. There is a holistic tendency that these groups despite cultural locations might
have same ritual practices, For instance, the Kuyeegba group holds the title bearer’s first son as an
automatic title bearer after the demise of his father, the same as other cult groups
(Ogboni,Orikini,Ologbo, etc).
The Ogboni group on the other hand has been accused of human sacrifice which has been practiced
in various religions throughout the world. There is only some controversial information about
Ogboni human sacrifices, these information have been paraded in some news, like “Young Man
Killed For Refusal To Join Cult Group,” “My Son Was Killed By Cult Group” and so on.
Mr. Akinwale has been living in fear of either him being killed or his family members. He has
received series of threats from different areas, telling him to show up on the day of initiation.
Speaking with our correspondent, he said ‘I received messages on my phone with series of phone
calls stating that I will be killed if I did not come for the initiation rites.’ Death threat is an attribute
of these groups to defaulters. …I was traced to Abuja and as far as the Northern states when I
refused to take up the position Of Jekerarun, Mr Akinwale added.

However, during this research, our correspondent was faced with many challenges which makes
unravelling the perpetrators of this practice tasking. The rite chiefs are very defensive especially the traditional high ranking officials of the groups are ready to fight anyone who they suspect wants to
reveal their secret practice with voodoo power and magical forces.

The Nigeria government despite clamping down several hideouts and covens, they still remain
unconquerable as they are have positioned themselves as an unbeatable group.
Recently, the Nigeria police force cracked a hideout of another sect of deadly cult where several
victims were held hostage, one of them narrated his ordeal; We were put in a solitary cell for days,
all we ate was raw animal meat, they rape the ladies among us and they cut the clitoris of the
young female. The perpetrators of these acts have not been brought to justice.
Another narrated, I was captured as a virgin and the blood that gushed out during my first sex
intercourse was cleaned with a red cloth and taken away,
At the dead of the night we peeped through the crack of the hut and see exotic cars and well-
dressed persons coming and leaving with bowls, they sell animal parts and bloods…commented
Miss Aregbeye
Obviously, these practitioners are discreet about divulging secret which was as a result of the oath of
secrecy sworn and they therefore have an ever continuous allegiance to the ocultic groups they
represent. The punishment of stubborn ones who refuse to follow the path of submission are
unprecedented threatened and attempts are made on their lives and in most cases their fatal death
or gruesome murder is enforced as seen in the Kuyeegba cult group. …The victims who are
unwilling to join the group and perform the initiation rites are faced with death unless they run for
their lives… As explained by elder Akande a native of Ibarapa in Oyo state.
June 5 th , 2012- Compiled by Alade Seyifunmi

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