Producing Bar Soap With Slough As a Base (Oil) Instead Of PKO


In Nigeria today, manufacturing Bar Soap both for home use and business wise could be achieved economically cheap or expensive, both depending on how and what materials are used.

Palm Kernel Oil, PKO as commonly called, seems to be the best option to use as a base but nowadays it is so expensive both to get and to produce due to weather condition and its raw materials availability.

Other alternative is the DFA and Palm Oil which are also used as bases in the production, but it expensiveness and scarcity also made it another no go area.

For this, research developed another base coming from the same family of Palm Kernel, Slough as it is called is also a rich based oil gotten from the aftermath of refined Palm Kernel.

It has all the attributes of both the PKO, DFA and Palm Oil but the uniqueness of it is that it is cheaper to get and produced.

In Earn-hub training, you will be taught the right combinations using this as a base, its unique nature, where to get it readily and you will be glad you are present.

You will go through it theoretically and practical wise.


Training Fee: N10,000, samples of all materials used will be given to each participants.

Fee should be paid directly to Account Name Adisa Ibrahim Taiwo, Guaranty Trust Bank No:0046890091

Interest Learners should email ‘IMI, Name used in sending the money to or text the same to 08036541318.

Venue: Earn Hub Auditorium, Impact Computeck Consults, 22A, Oluwole Lawson Street, Prince Bus Stop, Ijegun/Ikotun Road, Lagos.

Training Date: 17th October, 2018

For further information, feel free to call 08036541318

********Limited slots available*********

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