Pretty Mike Accuses Unlimited L.A & Clarence Peters, Says They Sleep With Girls On Location

Pretty Mike Accuses Unlimited L.A & Clarence Peters, Says They Sleep With Girls On Location
Pretty Mike

Popular Lagos socialite and very weird & controversial personality; Pretty Mike has lambasted music video producers for taking advantage of the vulnerability of girls who serve as video vixens in their shoots to sleep with them.

He took to his Instagram page to specifically call out Clarence Peters & Unlimited LA for being major high flyers of his accusation.

He wrote; Video vixens…These are the girls dominating the entertainment industry,most artistes would not be able to produce a music video without one or two of them, these ladies are a vital part of the industry and this is why hundreds of them are popping out daily, different types of vixens, different shapes and sizes, this occupation is the most rampant on I.G, as more girls are popping up on the gram with their bios as video vixens, models and actress, to be successful as a vixens in an industry of many,you must not only be on top of ur game,but must be ready to do whatever it takes,it’s a constant competition and u can be replaced at anytime…

“Their work Ethics are exceptional and highly Commendable ….But like we all know,there is a dark side in every industry, Video vixens most times aren’t paid that well, most of their pay depends on the directors, artiste n budget of the video. Top directors such as @clarenceshotit @unlimitedla @paul__Gambit over the years have been known to take advantage of these girls and they are also the top womanizers having the record of sleeping with the most vixens..Rumor has it that Top Director Clarence Peters recently had a three -some with 2 popular video vixen besties, all in the name of more Exposure, more LeadRoles etc.

@opeyemeee who is one of the Industry top Middle man has slept with almost every girl he has promoted or recommended for a job and uses this to promise them more jobs.. @omobonike another known handler also takes advantage of most of these vixens who can’t successfully get a job on there own…with the amount of girls in the industry no wonder they all share the same men as @queenefartiti and  posted recently also exposing the lifestyle of most of these girls..To maintain their luxurious lives most of them recycle the same men of which I use to be a victim..This is the dilemma constantly faced in the industry,upcoming girls looks up to these ladies if only they knew what it really takes to get there.”

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