President Muhammed Buhari Is In Big Trouble As The Head Of Boko Haram Threatens Him

After the recent incidents the boko haram had cause these past weeks and still doing more damage and killings. The Leader of Boko Haram who calls himself Shekau told buhari he claims heis 80 years old for being booed in Maiduguri, in Borno state as at last week.

President Muhammed Buhari was on a condolence visit to the people of the state and those affected by the damage over the killing of 30 travellers by the so called Boko Haram.

Shekau the Head of Boko Haram told him to wait for his angels of death. We don’t know what that means but we hopefully believe they shouldn’t take it serious because if they should I think our president is not safe.

He also told President you are now in trouble Mr Buhari. you are in big trouble as he says it will soon be over for president buhari before they all meet in the next world

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