Dedicated to the past, present and future knights of Alkebulan. To everyone of African descent walking the path of redemption,thinking beyond the box called self and hoping to influence a paradigm shift in Africa. To the late Fela kuti and Bob Nesta Marley whose music pierce through the soul and brought us to black consciousness and also to the young Sodeke Oladimeji whose words give hopes and peddles black excellence . Inspired by the words of Marcus Garvey, I hope this stanzas of words rekindles the African dream in all of us.

Lawoye Olasoji B.

A thousand years of yesterday we forget not our sacred history
Our road to redemption all enshrouded in our darkest mystery
For there’s no future for a people who deny their past
Beholding he future of Africa a Glory that will last

That the beauty of Zion will cease to be a Rastafarian dream
With brothers who uphold the AfriKan creed
Keere O, the gong of redemption has been struck
Awaiting us from Khartoum and kakamas to heed the call

For the Knights of Alkebulan, mother Afrika’s children will come
Nourished by the milk of her sweet tanned breasts, and loved
From the great Zambezi, to the isthmus of Suez she placed us
In the upper Volta and the beautiful plains she raised us.

Like the Abyssinian warriors of old, rewriting the stories that were told
From the hunters myths, we never hear that lions are Bold
Also of Black panthers chasing foxes, aided by the true Amotekun’s
Running from the plains and captured in the dunes

Away from Charles, Xi cheng and Washington’s fiery darts
Our revolution is not of Guns and knives but heads and hearts
Afrika for the Afrikans, a continent of brother nations
One love, one dream, one people and one mind with same ambitions.

The Exodus is about to begin, hope ye Rastamen are prepared
Bringing you to Redemption, Zion’s train has been heard
To behold the OASIS of the Sahara, and Domes of Salasie’s kingdom
But we fight and sail through ahead the pirates with wisdom

The United states of Africa is our dream and for it we will strive
Waving the mighty flag of ALKEBULAN, with 54 stars but not a stripe
That shaka-zulu and Isidore will look down from the ancestral plains
Dead but living to behold an Alkebulan where there ceases to be pains

The sons and daughters of Kemet will once more be reunited
Knowledge and unity in Wakanda which can never again be divided
Saving the world from the great pandemic and villains of Babylon
In the spirit of ubuntu, the great binding force we carry on

Of will and wit, of bond and fond,In brotherhood and blooderhood
And with sounds and dance that frights,Afrika again to glory shall rise
In her glory devoid of fury,The knights of Alkebulan shall soar in triumph
And all villains shall lay plain beneath planes of our lanes

And to Afrika from all places, all will trail the rail of Zion’s train
And while they wail, we will hail, the victory of Afrika’s valiant young Knights
A generation of youths and tommorow’s leading lights
A dawn of change and sunset on Alkebulan after the darkness and night.

Lawoye Olasoji B.

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