KareemBerry’s Talk – Nigerians Are The Biggest Hypocrites In The World

Kareem Berry

To whom it may concern
I’ve been watching and observing with keen interest and trying to understand the situation of the country and right now I’ve come to the conclusion that Nigerians are the biggest hypocrites in the world.

I say this because we tend to selectively criticize people that have erred in this country; in Nigeria everybody is a thief until that person is related to us or he has some beneficial roles he’s playing in our lives, then he’s a saint.

In this same country where we’ve had a lifelong problem of good leadership it is rather amusing when issues come up especially issues bordering on corruption and other ill vices we have people (especially the elites) supporting and praising the accused all because he’s a “good person” to them.

In a country where the citizens are barely surviving and having to make really tough decisions to save them from the precarious situation that’s resulted from years of gross mismanagement of public funds and the lackadaisical attitude of our leaders towards the welfare of the citizens, it is sad to know that we have people that will fight and drag you for daring to speak out and air your views about the ugly situation of the country.

A new dawn is coming, as the popular saying goes “everyday for the thief, one day for the owner”, the revolution that will set things right is brewing and I want to believe it’s going to be very decisive when it does happen. Until then I go dey mind my business dey go and I go dey observe as everything dey go.

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