Donald Trump launches another attack on Sadiq Khan but spells his name wrong


Donald Trump launches another attack on Sadiq Khan but spells his name wrong

Donald Trump has launched another attack on Sadiq Khan after the Mayor of London criticized him for playing golf as Hurricane Dorian edged towards the US.

Trump hit back at Khan for the criticism but spelt Khan’s name wrong.

The president defended his decision to play a round of golf, tweeting: “The incompetent Mayor of London, Sadique Kahn, was bothered that I played a very fast round of golf yesterday. Many Pols exercise for hours, or travel for weeks.

“Me, I run through one of my courses (very inexpensive). President Obama would fly to Hawaii. Kahn should focus on ‘knife crime,’ which is totally out of control in London.

“People are afraid to even walk the streets. He is a terrible mayor who should stay out of our business!”

Trump later deleted the initial tweets then re-posted the messages with the correct spelling of Mr Khan’s first name but this time, he misspelled his surname.

The President’s latest Twitter rant comes after comments by Khan was published on Politico on Monday in which he mocked the US president by saying he was “dealing with a hurricane out on the golf course”.

The website said Trump had skipped a trip to Poland for a Second World War commemoration event to focus on the response to the hurricane but instead played golf at his private club in Virginia. It also quoted Khan, who had visited the ceremony, criticising Trump as “a guy who amplified racist tweets” and “says things that are deeply objectionable”.

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