Burna Boy Unveils New Album “Twice As Tall”, Opens Up About Losing Grammy Award To Angelique Kidjo

Grammy nominee has finally revealed the name of his next album and also opened up on how he really felt about losing a Grammy to Angelique Kidjo.

The singer has a lot of time on his hands today so he decided to answer questions from his fans on Twitter. Speaking on his collaboration with Angelique Kidjo which he said was his most challenging collab, the singer revealed that he has been looking to work with her since 2011 and only got to work with her in 2019. “Most challenging was @angeliquekidjo cuz I looked for her since 2011 and only got to work with her in 2019”

He also revealed that he was very sick when he lost the grammy to Angelique Kidjo who he considers his musical mother but she later told him what he needed to know about the Grammys. “Sick. Totally sick. But my musical Mother @angeliquekidjo told me everything I needed to understand about the Grammys. So now I’m “Twice as Tall” (that’s the name of my next Album by the way dropping in July by the grace of the most High)”

Burna later disclosed that he has been working on his next album “Twice As Tall” which is scheduled to drop in July. However, if the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t come to an end, he may be forced to change plans. “That’s the plan, as long as this Corona virus thing does not end our usual normal lives.”

See the tweets below:


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