Bobrisky Reveals He Lied About Getting Married


Bobrisky who announced last week that he will be getting married during the weekend has revealed it’s all lies.

The popular cross-dresser tried to make people believe he actually did get married by sharing photos from his supposed wedding introduction. He however shared a picture of a nicely dressed man who he claimed to be his ‘Bae’.

Though, Bobrisky covered the face with a love emoji in a bid to conceal the identity, but trust Nigerians they dug out the real picture and it was discovered that the alleged ‘bae’ was US senator, Eddie Melton.

Trolls immediately came for Bobrisky, wanting to know if his boyfriend is actually senator, Eddie Melton.

He immediately confessed that he lied about everything and that the photos from his claimed introduction he shared, were just photoshoots.

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