Introducing Kabajo; Naija’s No.1 Crypto Exchange


It can be very hard to buy and sell cryptocurrency nowadays, especially if you want to do that with Nigerian Naira. But we are here to make sure that the process is smooth, easy and comprehensive at all times. If you decide not to sell but you need money, you can easily hold the cryptocurrency with kabajo, and you will get to access around 50% of the market value of your crypto in no time.

Introducing Kabajo; Naija's No.1 Crypto Exchange

What is Kabajo?

At its core, the idea behind Kabajo is very simple. This is a marketplace where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, USDT & Monero at the best rates on the market. You will get to adjust and adapt Kabajo the way you want, and the support is second to none every time, which is one of the things that matters the most.

Also, Kabajo shows the rates on its website all the time. So you never have to worry about not knowing the crypto rates on that day. It’s just an immense opportunity and an enjoyable experience that you need to explore no matter what happens.

A very fast crypto exchange

Normally the Nigerian crypto exchanges will take up to an entire day to complete a transaction. Kabajo makes the entire process instant. As a result, you can easily trade on the platform and have your credits in the account in just a few minutes. At the same time, the platform comes with some extraordinary rates too, which offers you the value and perspective you want without any hassle.

How to Buy & sell Cryptocurrency with Kabajo

When you logon to the website, Scroll down and Click on Buy or Sell as the case may be. You will then be redirected to WhatsApp where the Trade Chat window will be opened. Kabajo Trade Chat simplifies trading as easy as chatting which means you can trade your favourite cryptocurrencies and chat with family and friends at the same time.


Introducing Kabajo; Naija's No.1 Crypto Exchange

Today WhatsApp is one of the most widely used apps and is permanently on everyone’s smartphone. But if you don’t have WhatsApp not to worry, you can simply start a trade on the website’s live chat section. There is always a customer support agent ready to help you.

Trade chat transcripts are recorded and stored on Kabajo servers for reference purpose further guaranteeing trade transparency.

Rates as at today

Our Rates



Instant Buy – N370

Instant Sell – N345


Bitcoin Cash

Instant Buy – N375

Instant Sell – N340



Instant Buy – N375

Instant Sell – N340



Instant Buy – N400

Instant Sell – N300



Instant Buy – N390

Instant Sell – N315



Instant Buy – N400

Instant Sell – N300



Instant Buy – N400

Instant Sell – N300


HODL with kabajo

Introducing Kabajo; Naija's No.1 Crypto Exchange

“Hold on for dear life”

You can also store your crypto assets with Kabajo. With HODL with Kabajo the benefits are amazing. You can get access to to up to 50% the market value of your cryptoasset without any interest rate whatsoever. And you can pay the outstanding balance anytime and retrieve your cryptoasset instantly without hassle. The company has a very high reputation and they’ve worked very hard to implement the best security features. That means you never have to worry about any problems or anything like that. Instead, Kabajo will be there to offer you all the help and benefits you want in a very comprehensive manner.

Reliable customer support

One of the toughest things when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies is getting the right support. That’s an extremely important aspect to keep in mind, and it pays off a lot in that regard. You really want to push the boundaries, and the experience can be a nice one in the end. What a lot of people don’t realize is that trading cryptocurrencies in Nigeria is not that simple, so it’s super hard to find a reliable team of experts that’s willing to help. And you really get to have that, as Kabajo offers proper support that comes directly from professional agents with a lot of experience in the industry.


Kabajo has a lot of strengths, and one of them is that they are very professional. Not only is the transaction completed very fast, but at the same time, they focus a lot on security and professionalism. They do a good job at making sure you are always up to date with the latest features and benefits. Which is an extraordinary thing at the end of the day.

If you want to trade cryptocurrency in Nigeria, then it’s a very good idea to use the Kabajo platform. Not only is it fast and efficient, but it’s also one of the latest and most reliable crypto trade platforms on the market. You get your money in a couple of minutes, and you also have the necessary support when you need it. That’s why everyone that wants to trade crypto in Nigeria should give Kabajo a shot right now!

KABAJO, the true meaning of “Instant Trade.



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